Below is a list of all the areas in which you can get involved. If you are interested in getting involved in a specific area, speak to a ministry leader or contact the church office.

Children’s Ministries

Cradle Roll
Debbie MacNicol

Honeybees Crèche
Pam Gibbs

Bibleland Sunday School
Bronwyn Marshall

Adult Ministries

Heart to Heart Ladies
Sara Boy

Men Connect
Bruce Austen

Seniors’ Socials
In recess

Adult Bible Studies
Stuart Cranna

Heart for Service Ministries

Lita de Wet

Door Stewards / Info desk
Lovey Mahopo

Worship Teams
Stella Hoffman

Philip Schroeder

Counting of Offering
Peter van der Hoven


CD Ministry
Athol Tintinger

Bernadette Van den Heever

Resource Centre
Athol Tintinger

Sound System
Hennie Smith

The Buzzz Magazine
Michael Cuenod

Craig Lubbe

Graham Holt

Missions Support Groups
Louis Wolfaardt

Youth Ministries

Compass (Gr 1-5)
Frank and Nicole Leonette

Edge (Gr 6-7)
Bronwyn Marshall

Fusion (Gr 8-12)
David Birkholtz

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Meetings
Robin Kempthorne

Sunday Ministries

Sunday Morning Teas
Anne Miller

Manna Ministries

Frozen Meals 
Heather Boys

Food Parcels
Brian and Helen Day

Homebound Ministries

Ashton Dell

Beyond the Walls Ministries

Kingsway Primary School
Paul McKibbin

Thandanani Children’s Home
Paul and Hazel McKibbin

Bibleway Correspondence to Prisoners
Cynthia Mc Naughton

Prison Ministry
Lindley Worthington

Helping Hand
Phil Schroeder

Broken Wings Drug Rehabilitation
Norman Voss

Cosmo City Church
John Ndhlovu

Harold Twine

DivorceCare & DC4K
Rod Fick