Some time ago Colin Phelps, our Missionary with OM, made contact with Pastors from the Tonga Tribe South of Lake Kariba.  The Tonga people of Zimbabwe number about 300 000.  It was established that the Tonga do not have the Bible in their language.  Colin later had discussions with another of our missionaries Sabastian Floor who is the Linguistic consultant with Wycliffe.  The positive outcome of that discussion is that Wycliffe are now embarking on a Tonga Translation and have appointed Ansie Van Der Merwe as the co-ordinator of this project.  The 10 enthusiastic Tonga Pastors are now part of the translation team.

The Challenge is that the Pastors are scattered over a vast area and from time to time have to come to a central venue for translation workshops.  Translation is a long drawn out process and could take a number of years to complete.

One of the challenges in this project is that the Pastors each need a robust bicycle.  The co-ordinator did some research on the subject and came up with the Buffalo Bicycle (Google Buffalo Bicycle) used across Africa.  This is where Honeyridge comes in.  As a mission’s committee we have taken up the challenge to source 10 Buffalo Bicycles and take them to Binga on Lake Kariba.  I am able to have 10 Bicycles delivered to friends in Bulawayo at a cost of R2500 each.  I have shared the project with a few folk in Zimbabwe and here at home and I am happy to report that as at the end of November 2015, I have 5 Bicycles already sponsored.

Lord willing on the 17th of March 2016 a small team from Honeyridge as well as the Wycliffe co-ordinator will travel up to Bulawayo.  On the 18th of March the 10 Bicycles will be loaded on an open trailer in Bulawayo and the team will travel 5 hours north to Binga on Lake Kariba.  On Saturday 19th all 10 Pastors will converge on Binga for a Wycliffe workshop.  On this occasion each Pastor will receive a bicycle, t-shirt and a cap designed with input from the Tonga Pastors.  On Sunday we travel back to Bulawayo heading home on Monday 21st of March.