For many, the New Year presents new challenges: our younger children have to adjust to new schools and new grades; our matrics move on to new places of study or into new jobs; those who have finished their courses at tertiary institutions begin careers in the workplace – we could go on and on.

The Elders met to take stock and look out into the future. We had a great time together. I want to mention 3 things I shared regarding our vision for the new year:

  • As a church, we need to take seriously Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 28:18 to be disciples who engage in the process of making more disciples. The focus of the discipleship process is the Word of God and we need to make time to mentor and help one another to find our personal delight and growth in the Bible. True spiritual growth comes from a commitment to God’s Word and prayer.
  • With this in mind, we also need to ensure that our ministry programmes in the church are a means to helping one another to focus on these twin-goals of God’s Word and Prayer. This will not happen overnight, but we need to be committed to this focus.
  • As a first step on the journey, we should try harder to get to know one another beyond just our interaction at meetings or in our own small groups. With God’s help, we need to work on developing deeper and broader fellowship amongst us – like the ‘koinonia’ which was practised by the early church in the Book of Acts 2:42.

The elders then looked at our church calendar for the year with the express purpose of creating opportunities for our church family to meet these goals. Attention was given to our Sunday Evening services; helping visitors to become regulars; re-vamping our facilities; leadership training; evangelism; greater emphasis on families; sensitivity to singles, etc. more detail to be shared later.